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Apache RTR 160 Fi Review

TVS attracted many with its catchy advertisement and a stunning bike in the form of the muscular Apache RTR. Yeah, as the name suggests, this bike’s definitely a tribe. Strong, light and well designed this bike definitely kicked some ass.

Making its debut in the 150 class of bikes 5 years ago, in 2008 TVS shifted its attention to the 160 cc segment and finally in 2009 came out with the Fuel Injection version of the 160cc bike which was called “Apache RTR 160 Fi”. You can have a look at the Promo video

I got hold of this bike just a few weeks after its launch; – in fact the bike from lot one.

What???? Why is this dude stressing on lot one, well it’s simple within the first 10 days itself I ran into trouble , well what I mean is the bike started turning into a real big time flop…Firstly, the most famous problem being  “The Apache RTR 160 Fi pickup problem”. Well every Fi owner faced this problem. Well, what was the problem? Ans: – the bike would simply lose power between 2,000-3,500 RPM and would make one feel as if he’s sitting on a bicycle. After crossing 3,500 RPM it would race again like a normal bike. This was crappy and absolutely frustrating. After investing almost 80,000 INR in this bike, such a poor performer and this bike was supposed to be a winner in its class. Give me a break. TVS: – you guy’s need to do more R&D before rolling out your bikes and make sure when people inform you about a problem that exists, you take it seriously and don’t hang up by saying “Keep a minimum of 3 liters of petrol and ride above 3,500 RPM”  that’s non-sense. Most of us use bikes for commuting and ride in heavy traffic, so 3,500 RPM….. Give me a break.

Anyways, after breaking my head for almost a month, I managed to get in touch with someone who was the head for TVS Maharashtra. He understood the problem and really provided me with some great help towards getting my Apache RTR 160 Fi’s “lag in pick-up problem rectified.

• Firstly these guys came down to Mumbai with a team of experts (R&D Team) and called for a few Fi bikes to investigate.

• They understood that the root cause of the problem was the excess level of air entering the injector thereby preventing the required amount of petrol from reaching the engine.

• They sealed these parameters and also replaced the default O-rings with bigger ones.

Thank god I must say, they managed to solve my problem in October 2009 and till date (2010) I have not faced a single problem. The bike is tough, and works like a charm. Smokes other bikes and they’re visible in some number now. Thank God, I was fed-up with those Pulsars. I’m happy I sold my Pulsar 150 for the Apache RTR 160 Fi. Let us have a look at some of the technical aspects of this bike.


Name:  Apache RTR

Model: 160 Fi

Type:     Commuter

Top Speed:         120kph

Fuel Consumption:

City        42.00

Fuel Consumption:

Highway               54.00


Displacement:   159.7cc

Engine: 4 Stroke, Fi

Maximum Power:            15.7 Bhp @ 8500 rpm

Maximum Torque:          13.1 Nm @ 6500 rpm

Gears:   5 Speed

Clutch:  Wet, Multi Plate

Bore:     62

Stroke: 52.9

No. of Cylinders:              1

Valve Per Cylinder:          2

Engine Block Material:   Iron Block

Chassis Type:     Double Cradle

Cooling Type:     Air Cooling

0 to 60: 4.80 sec.


Length: 2020.00 mm

Width:  730.00 mm

Height: 1100.00 mm

Well, we can all see TVS has made use of 2 disk brakes here and that’s absolutely essential especially for Indian roads. People can now brake last minute and more sharply. I’m not suggesting people to brake sharply or at the last moment though 😉 In addition to this, the tank has got 2 attractive scoops which help towards the intake of airflow to keep the engine cool.

Well TVS should change the following to be more successful according to me:-

• Use a slightly broader tyre, something like Michelin, etc.

• Make use of Oil cooling technology instead of air-cooled.

• Improve those service centers. The ones in Mumbai suck. You need a computer with essential software to tune these bikes, which just 2 centers have in the whole of Mumbai and this sucks as one has to travel quite a distance to get their vehicles serviced at these centers. So in simple terms…… improve the service centers first… upgrade them!!!

That’s it from the biking point of view Folks!!! Happy and Safe riding 😀

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